The Bullshit of Intrapreneurship

You may have already seen many people defending the intrapreneurship inside big corporations. Now, small businesses have also adopted the fashion and are looking for that kind of professional profile to hire.

Well, that is a sizeless bullshit, because even if those businesses find that profile, they won’t know how to take advantage of all their characteristics.

With short time of hiring, that kind of professional will be unmotivated and will be swallowed by the rigid rules of the company. Until today, I haven’t got to know any organization that has challenging policies for people with that profile, what demand a differentiated dynamic.

What we see happening today, in fact, are companies that seek people that will face it as their own business and will be proactive, creative, but what is the real reward for such a dedication?


Bullshit, because in the first crisis that happens those people will be sent to the HR like any employee. Of course, they are going to take into consideration if they are very well domesticated, if they follow carefully their policies and if they stay beyond expedient without complaining.

After years of dedication, besides the salary and bonuses, professional experience, which is very important, what will that person take with her after being fired?

The answer is NOTHING.

It is worth to remember that nowadays if that person is more experienced and have a more advanced age, her experiencing won’t be usefull, because big corporations are not used to hire professionals with senior profile. They face them as expensive employees.

What organizations need is to create real policies that boots entrepreneurship. If an employee is good enough to create a new product, solutions and have the entrepreneur veins, he shouldn’t be labelled as the employee of the month. It has to be possible, by means of a spinoff, for that differentiated employee to become associated to the new product or service created by her.

But the lack of Entrepreneur Culture inside companies makes that differentiated employee to be crushed many times by their own bosses and even by their colleges. They think she is doing too much and will disturb their daily convenience. We know some employees are scared to death when you talk about work with them, cause they are on the company only for the job.

Then, the question remains: is it interesting to be labelled as the intrapreneur employee and be proud of it?

I don’t think so. The impression it gives is that those ones that like to be classified that way are the halved entrepreneurs, those ones who didn’t have the courage to take all the risks and make things happen by themselves. They get satisfied by being halved entrepreneurs, or, using the word in fashion, they get satisfied by being intrapreneurs.

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