I’ve passed StartupBrasil, what next?

About StartupBrasil Program

To begin this article, I’d like to congratulate everyone who has passed StartupBrasil’s acceleration program. For the first time we have a dynamic program in our country which is being organized by young people of high qualifications.

In a quick navigation in the program website it is possible to see the quality of the selected startups. We know the program can be improved, but the fact that we have an initiative that encourages and strenghthen triangular interests ensure that only projects with real potencial of market traction will be selected. That triangular interest, in my vision, is established because of the need of co-operation between government, acceleration programs and entrepreneurs.

I don’t know if many people know, but we see the iniciatives from people of the program. I work with market access for the startups that are being accelerated. I think, soon, that will become official.

Startups that are being accelerated can count on a very interesting work that can ensure a quick leverage by the access of big clients that will bring a great amount of money to the startup’s. This is relevant, because, in this inicial fase, the cash flow is administration is vital. It is one of the biggest causes of business death.

Well, about entrepreneur’s support, here in Brazil we are being well helded. But it does not assure the startups success without the entrepreneur’s dedication.

The Game has become Serious!

And here I want to make an observation to my dear entrepreneurs: the game has become serious!

The valuation of your startups, including investment of acceleration companies and government support, can surpass the millions. Nice, don’t you think so? But prepare yourself, because from that moment on there will be investors asking for reports, they will put goals for your team to achieve and you will need a business adminitration as the growned-ups ones.

From that moment on, an interesting process begins based on Charles Darwin studies, in which only the most adapted survives. And the ones that came because of glamour and opportunism won’t last much.

Other brazilian support programs

Besides StartupBrasil, there are other interesting programs that support research and development like FAPESP, that opens a PIPE’s public notice every three months.

The nice part of this public notice is that there is a non-repayable financing of up to 200 thousand reais for projects that are classifyed as stage 1 and there is no need to share any equity at all. In stage 2, the support gets up to 1 million reais and in the stage 3 the startup must look for other funding sources.

Independently of government support, angel investiments or accelerator’s investments, the success of the startup will depend on the human factor.

Besides the lack of cash flow another thing that doesn’t appear in the researches about factors that contributes for the closure of companies is the entrepreneurial vanity factor. But this issue is for another post.

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